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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Reading

Our wide range of the state of the art coaches is ideal for staff excursions, school trips, football and all games trips, weddings, and any occasion. Whether you want to hire a coach for your holiday transport or a theatre trip, we have the capacity to meet all your requirements in safety and comfort.

Reading Coach Hire

Coach Hire Reading coaches have all the expertise and resources to cater for every land transport need you have. Our services include tour planning, meet and greet services, program scheduling alongside the coach hire services. All we aim at is to make your work of planning for transportation as easy as possible and your travel an amazing traveling adventure.

We monitor and control bookings 24/7 365.Our personnel are skilled in logistics and does that work using a network of great control centres. The staff is also highly trained in customer relations, and they deliver VIP services to all customers. When you visit our offices, they will burden themselves with your needs and requirements and all you will do is just to relax as you wait for the work to be done. Also when you call or send an email, they will respond within the shortest time imaginable.

Coaches For Small & Large Groups

Our coaches are of different capacities. Therefore we have the ability to handle both small and large groups for an extended period or for a single day travel. We also have regional offices in other areas as we aim to offer our good and quality services to all people.

Could be you are asking what methods of payment we accept. We accept payment both in cash and online. If you decide to go the online way, you can use your debit card or credit card, and we will receive your payments. However, we would like to let you know that we will not give you an instant price quote after booking as we do not have a structured payment method but we will give it after viewing your requirements. This has enabled us to be as affordable as possible.

You may be wondering why Coach Hire Reading is the best choice for coach hire services in the entire Reading. Well, these are the reasons: We offer top notch transport services, our services are guaranteed, and we are available whenever you need us, we have the best staff meaning we have the best customer services in reading, and we can offer you services with a 24-hour notice.

Full Specifications Featured

Do you want a VIP coach for your guests who will be arriving at any of Reading airports? Our corporate coach is perfect for that. The VIP coach has free WiFi, Freeview TV, PA system, Washrooms, and hostess service if you request to have it, kitchen with fridges, microwaves, tables, climate controls and electric and USB sockets. Are you impressed already? With this, your guests will make everybody turn their heads when they are arriving at the event venue.

Smart Coach Drivers

Our drivers are experienced, CRB checked, are always uniformed and our envied vehicles are designed with comfort in every corner. We have built workshops purposefully for the maintenance of our fleet so that they can be maintained to the highest standard. We also have a back-up (24 hours) from the workshop and traffic office.

Hire a coach right away by dialling the telephone number we have displayed on the website or by sending an email. Also instead of calling or sending an email, you can book right from the website.

Minibus Hire Reading

The minibus hire service we offer has been designed to cater for small and medium size group transport needs, and they have everything you need to have an unforgettable travel experience. If you are planning to take your family on an outing, a school competition or anything that requires transport, count on us and you have guaranteed services always.

Reliable Minibuses In Reading

Reading has good transport network, and therefore it has many transportation companies and means both in the public sector and in the private sector. So probably you are asking why you should hire a minibus with a private transportation company when you can as well get a vehicle from the public transporters. The reason is that private company transportation services are reliable, there are no chances of been inconvenienced like it's the case with the public transporters wheere prices fluctuate anyhow, and you will be sure to reach your destination safely.

Furthermore, when you choose to travel with a private travel partner, you are sure to be dropped at the doorstep of where you are heading to. Additionally, you will have escaped those horrible experiences of having to negotiate rates with the public carriers. Therefore you will have made a right and wise choice if you choose to travel with us. We are a private transportation company, and besides that, we are not just like the average transporters, we are one of the leading coaches hire businesses in the United Kingdom.

Well Maintained Minibuses

All the minibuses we advertise ready for hire have been thoroughly scrutinized by our in house team of engineers, and so you can rest assured that when you hire a minibus with us, you are going to get one in the best conditions. The vehicles also go through servicing regularly and are therefore maintained to the highest standard.

Local Minibus Drivers

The drivers we hire are locals of reading, and they are familiar with all the routes of reading. Even if you are a visitor to Reading and don't know much about the place and the roads, do not be alarmed. They will take you to your destination and will not leave you somewhere in the woods or in a place that is unknown to you. They will make sure you have reached where you want to be.

The drivers are also professionally trained apart from been locals and are DBA checked. Moreover, they drive cautiously on the road to make sure you arrive at your event, touring destination, conference or meeting safely. All the professionalism you want in driving services you will get.

Coach Hire Reading purchases its minibuses from well known manufacturers for quality. We know that great transport services begin with quality vehicles and that's why we invest a lot in making sure the vehicles are of high quality.

Do you want to hire many minibuses? Coach Hire Reading can offer you as many minibuses as you want. Therefore do not wonder around looking for a great transportation company anymore. Just inform us how many you want, and we will see to it that you get them.

Hire a minibus with us today at the best rates, and you will have peace of mind knowing you and your group's transportation is sorted. Call or send an email and we will book for you the minibus you want.

Our Reading Services

People travel to different places, and there are things you would want your vehicle to have if you are going to move a short distance or long distance. Some of the needs may be the same which others may differ. Like for instance if your journey is going to take long before you reach where you are heading to, you would need a vehicle that has toilet facilities, kitchen, and tables. These amenities may not be necessary if you are going to move a short distance simply because you will, of course, arrive fast.

Choose From Our Vast Range

Therefore we have ensured all the coaches and the mini coaches we acquire have the facilities that will make both a short distance journey and the long distance journey an enjoyable trip. Hire a coach or a mini coach today for your trip, and your mind will be at peace. Searching for a vehicle to hire is not an easy task. It can disturb your mind and so book your coach or mini coach early is a great idea.

Every great travel experience comes with a great team behind it. That is what makes the experience wonderful. At Coach Hire Reading we believe that for you to have an unforgettable experience in our vehicles, our staff also has to be the best. So we have a very sophisticated employee recruitment method to make sure we hire only the best personnel. Moreover, the people we have employed are not only well educated but are also individuals with good morals, they are self motivated and work skilfully.

Licensed Coaches & Minibuses

Security is a key factor in amazing travels. Coach Hire Reading makes sure you are safe whenever you are travelling in our coaches by tracking them with a satellite. We have also insured and licensed the vehicles so as to comply with the requirements of the law and also to add to your security.

Reading and its immediate scenic environs are a great touring destination to many people. The location is also ideal for events of all kinds and has many festivals and activities groups of people like been involved in. So you may be planning to hold an event, a party or you may be planning to be part of one of the Readings many activities and festivals. We will take care of your group movement needs. Just leave the burden or organizing your group transport to us and we will be sure to do a thorough work.

Our drivers are people who can go the extra mile. They are also highly trained in fact to the highest standard of driver training available in the transport industry today, and they drive with all the professionalism you would want.

Luxurious & Comfortable Vehicles

Think of sitting on a soft, comfortable leather seat when you are driven to your destination. You cannot imagine how the experience would be, right? That is what all Coach Hire Reading coaches and mini coaches have. The seats are also recliners besides been super comfortable allowing you to sit and different angles for maximum relaxation. They also have spacious leg rooms for your feet with adequate rest.

Apart from the seats, our coaches and mini coaches feature other amenities like entertainment units, adequate storage facilities both in the underneath and overhead, fridges and climate controls. Therefore whether it is the need for entertainment, spacious room for your luggage, availability of a cold drink on your way for refreshment or favourable atmosphere fir relaxing you have been having, our vehicles will meet those needs.

Easy To Plan Your Travel

Now, how do you make your booking with Coach Hire Reading? It's simple, easy and stress free. You only need to have an internet connection for you to be able to access our online booking platform. Once you are connected to the web and have accessed the website, you will see an option for booking, for making inquiries and for calling an emailing. If you want to book right through the site, just click the option for booking, and a booking form will appear. Fill the booking form and submit it and we will do the remaining tasks to see you reach your destination.

If it's an inquiry you have, you can also make it from the website, and you can use the call or email option to talk to us. We will treasure every opportunity we have to serve you so feel tell us about all your travel plans.

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